Improve the quality of your emails to ensure they don’t go unattended

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You might have written some sort of professional emails, even if you aren’t a professional. An email about an undelivered order, a complaint to a government department, and an email to university professor are examples of professional emails.

You might have faced difficulties addressing the recipient or writing the subject/content. Don’t worry! We all face difficulties while writing such emails. No matter how vaguely you send informal emails, you should be very specific while writing the professional ones.

Before you start writing a professional email, you need to have a business account. A business account looks more professional. Business accounts…

But watch out your competitors are picking up pace!

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The Silicon Valley startup, Clubhouse has been the talk of the town for almost a year. Ten months to be precise. It garnered love as soon as it was released in April 2020. The Silicon Valley startup has one heck of a story behind its inception.

Despite having just 1500 users in May 2020, it was valued at around $100 million. And fast forward today, it has raised Series B funding at an evaluation of $1 billion. Clubhouse had 600,000 users in December 2020 and has crossed the 2 million mark in January 2021.

The platform has attracted entrepreneurs, startup…

The most in-demand technical skills you can learn for a successful career in 2021.

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Technology has hands down been the backbone to our survival. Social media, video conferencing applications saved us during the most difficult times of our lives. Technology has undoubtedly saved our asses.

All the companies now seek to bring their businesses on track. So we will probably witness stress on growth in technical terms. Their focus will be on automation and encouraging work online. The scope in the technical field this year would be something like never before.

Also, these fields have always been appreciated for their pay scale too.

Here are six technical skills that you can look up to…

Here’s how you can also adopt these habits.

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You are lying if you say, you aren’t intrigued by the extravagant life of successful entrepreneurs. Honestly, watching them earn even while they enjoy a vacation, makes me feel jealous of them. But sometimes I forget the determination it took to reach where they are today.

All of us dream of a similar lifestyle but not all of us are ready to take the pain. None of us are ready to give up on our comfort. The habits that we take up today will decide who we are in about 5 years or maybe less.

There are a lot of…

Productivity is not about doing more, it’s about doing work effectively.

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Being a little more productive is the new year's resolution of almost everyone. But only a few manage to be a little more productive. If you are planning on taking up this resolution this new year, then you should read these 5 books. These books will surely teach you a lot about time management, planning, and working effectively.

I have listed the books in order of their Goodreads ratings.

1. Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

Author – Cal Newport

Goodreads rating – 4.2

Deep Work is a book based on the science of productivity. The book was published in 2016 and is written by Calvin C. Newport famously knows as Cal Newport. Cal is…

The brain implant should solve brain and spine problems.

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Screengrab of the pig, Dorthy that had the neural link implanted

Neuralink is a neurotechnology company founded by Elon Musk back in 2016. Neuralink announced an improved prototype of the brain implant they unveiled last year. The brain implant is called The Link and should solve important brain and spine problems.

The company wants to develop a generalized brain device that is reliable and affordable. They want the device to diagnose hearing loss, memory loss, blindness, paralysis, insomnia, pain, seizures, anxiety, addiction, strokes, and brain damage.

The previous prototype of the implant had a sensor and had to be worn behind the ear. Contrary to the previous prototype that would be…

Google launched people cards to help businesses, freelancers make their presence felt on Google.

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Are you a freelancer or a business owner? If you are, you would be well aware of the struggles and hardships one has to face to make their presence felt on Google. Further, not having a personal website or business website would make it even more difficult to show up in the search results.

I am pretty sure you would have tried searching your name on Google. What sort of results did you receive? Did your name, your social media profile, your website show up on the first page? Of course not! …

Selling a product is getting increasingly tough for businesses

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It wasn’t that hard to convince people to buy your product in the 20th century. All it took was a decent advertisement and a brand ambassador to endorse the product. The times have changed. Advertisement no longer convinces the buyers. With time, people know what sort of marketing techniques brands use. They are turning skeptical. Convincing a consumer to buy a product in the 21st century is challenging.

Simple advertisements don’t sell in the 21st century. You need something new. Building brand value and convincing people to buy a product are becoming increasingly difficult.

As soon as you surf the…

Immunity to the virus may only last a few months.

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When would we be able to step out of our homes? No one in this entire world has an answer to this question. Researchers are working day and night to prepare a vaccine for the virus. More than five research teams have proceeded to advanced stages. They have entered the phase of human trials. There are claims that a vaccine might be ready by the end of the year. Even if a vaccine is discovered, providing it to everyone won’t be easy. It will surely take time.

Ever since the outbreak of the virus, the term “Herd Immunity” has spread…

Critiques make your writing better

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Many at times, I come across people who write for themselves. They do not publish their work anywhere. They write because it makes them happy. They find writing, an escape from the world. While mostly the people who write daily do it for the world to read.

No matter which category you fall into if you love writing, you want to improve every bit of it. Showcasing your talent or keeping it exclusively for yourself is entirely upon you. But I firmly believe that if you are putting in your time and efforts in writing, appreciation is the least you…

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